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My name is Stacey and this blog is the byproduct of arduous introspection. I was quite hesitant to launch myself in the already saturated plus size blogosphere, but  I decided to share my budding narcissism with the world and see how it goes ! 

I had no idea how my take on life would change, when I came across plus size blogs a couple of years ago. I had been struggling with my appearance and fluctuating weight for most of my life; having people share their oh so sensible opinions on my size certainly made things worse. Until one fateful day on which I discovered plus size bloggers.

Not only did I feel enlightened by these individuals, but I learned that I have value and  there is absolutely nothing wrong with my appearance. The more I loved myself, the more fearless and confident I became. Now, I rock a signature blue and black afro, dawn whichever color lipstick I feel like, and have various piercings which all get me stares and raised eyebrows when out in public :).

After gaining a decent amount of notoriety on tumblr, I am trying my luck in fatshion blogging. I would like to think that as a young, alternative, Haitian woman, my input and perspective on style blogging might be useful to someone out there.

Factoid : I am not into florals, chevron or busy abstract prints whatsoever.   
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