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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Et le ciel vira au rouge

First of all, I am obsessed with my face. Let's focus on the iridescent wonder happening on my eyes and lips for a minute. I mean, ughhhh I can't get over it! I took one look at this unique lip product and basically decided to wing the whole thing. I typically don't go for frosty lips but I'm quite digging this look. It might potentially make me catch some holiday spirit. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves there...

I am in no way festive, nor do I like traditional holiday wear. So, this is as glitzy as it gets. I am an incredibly boring introvert whose idea of fun around the holidays is marathoning horror movies -as usual- with a few glasses of wine, topped with loads of online shopping. Although this year won't be any different, I, as a dedicated fashion blogger, felt obligated to take the opportunity to dress up for no reason. Getting ready is always a fun process since I live for putting outfits together. So, my first seasonally appropriate look on this blog will not involve sequins, lace, glitter or fancy heels but is still very holiday-ish in my book. 

I love skater skirts. They are my favorite item to wear on the regular. I especially enjoy pairing them with monster shirts, but we are going to a pretend holiday party after all, and this skirt definitely deserves to be worn with a flashy top! I am absolutely in love with this Chubbycartwheels skirt that came out for their fall/winter season. It is made from the softest suede material ever and feels velvety smooth. I've never seen anything like this material. It is very stretchy and luxurious, whereas traditional faux suede is very stiff, and quite unpleasant. This skirt is certainly gonna get lots of wear time! For now, I chose to pair it with a silver velvet crop top that I got from Urban Outfitters a while ago. It is not my favorite, cause it accentuates my asymmetrical boobs but who's looking?

I may have overdone the accessories but I love the layered look. I went as far as my short neck would allow with the ckokers, which is an umimpressive 3 -links to chokers below-, so I also threw in my favorite Helter Skelter Metalheads  necklace as a bonus. My shoe choice is of course a pair of platform creepers by TUKshoes. I love bulky shoes, what can I say. The western detailing on these is definitely what reeled me in. Last but not least, I always need a touch of weird and my baby head and tooth rings weren't creepy enough, so I grabbed my funky Cyclops Kitty handbag in order to feel complete.

Ahh, this was an annoyingly lengthy post, wasn't it?

Anyway, if you do partake in holiday festivities and what not, please stay safe!

Top: Similar | Skirt: Chubbycartwheels | Tattoo Choker: Shop Tunnel Vision | Ball Chain necklace: Shop Tunnel Vision | O-ring choker: Ebay | Trust me necklace: Helter Skelter Metalheads | Creepers: TUKshoes | Bag: Monsterlou on Etsy | Rings: Mostly Etsy

Friday, December 11, 2015


Ugh, it's been forever since my last post, I know... I'm not going to pretend that I had a legitimate reason for this hiatus; it was simply necessary for my mental well-being. And just as I was starting to conjure up the motivation to start blogging again, the rain came out of nowhere to slap me in the face. But, as it turns out, grey skies combined with perpetual sadness make for a very kick-ass outfit, if I do say so myself. 

Some cool things did happen while I was gone though. I had my very own spread in the September/October issue of Skorch Magazine, -I'm still gagging over how good I look in it!- I was featured in a couple of other magazines, and I modeled for a rad hair company, run by super chill humans. In retrospect, I guess things haven't been all bad. Now, on to my grungy, industrial outfit!

When I saw the After-Effect dress by Killstar, how befitting is that name though-I was instantly transported to a neo-futuristic dystopia; so, I was guaranteed to feel and look badass.  I love the cut of this dress, but most importantly, I love how it feels. The fabric is soft and cozy and the sleeves have thumb holes. Built-in thumb holes! Not only are those holes aesthetically relevant, but they help the sleeves cover the palms of my hands and not ride up, making them nice and warm. Keeping with my theme, I threw on the Nin3 Divisible by None choker, a heavy piece of industrial, scrappy perfection. This outfit called for some chunky boots with straps and hardware, so I pulled on my Y.R.U. Cherish boots. Finally, the Killstar Sad handbag was essential to this outfit, cause it embodies my constant state of mind. Also, we're in a post-apocalyptic world; hopelessness is rampant, duh.

Dress : Killstar | Choker : Nin3 via ShopTunnel Vision | Bag : Killstar | Shoes : Y.R.U

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