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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Canicule infernale

How's my Summer going you ask? Well, seing as it's either hot and humid or hot, humid and rainy, I'm just waiting for it to be over. I am over Summer and being sticky and sweaty all the time. My hair shrinks, I can't realistically hope that my makeup won't be mucky 5 minutes after doing it, and my skin problems are flaring up. It's awful! The only good thing about this heat is that it makes me gravitate more towards the unworn crop tops in my closet. I was even able to pull off this crop top and shorts combo! Still can't wrap my mind around it.

I am not really a crop top person. My go to looks, no matter the season, are a crew neck shirt with rolled up sleeves (most likely a horror tee) with leggings or a skater skirt, and skater dresses. I grew up with very low self-esteem, and in a conservative catholic Haitian home, in which the idea of a skirt being an inch above the knee provoked outrage. *eyerolling myself into another dimension* But as a fat kid/teen, crop tops never even appealed to me; the more covered-up, the better I thought. People poked at my fat and constantly reminded me that my body was not the norm; that in order to look "good" in anything, I had to lose weight.

Well, look at me slaying in this asos off-shoulder crop thingy at my heaviest! The elastic was nestled right in the crease between my back rolls and I was loving every second of it. The top had some straps but they looked awkward so I chopped them off. I am so glad I decided to change things up with this top! The bell sleeves and the print are what really attracted me to this top. I couldn't find my strapless bra and all these arm situations below are the result of trying to conceal some sagging lol. 
I was getting some 70s vibes from this, so I chose to wear my TUK strappy woodies. I don't really wear sandals, I much prefer any close-toed platform shoes, or my docs, but I fell in love with these on one of my distressed-shopping nights. They look heavy but are an absolute delight to walk with. The shorts are from an etsy store called TeesDenim but their sizing is not too reliable and Asos has lovely high waisted shorts here.

Seriously, this look is significant in so many ways, because I confronted different insecurities that plagued my younger years in just one outfit. I can say that I've reached yet another milestone in this journey.

And guyssss leave me a comment if you like anything! (-o⌒)

Top : Asos | Shorts : Etsy | Choker : Ebay | Sandals : TUKshoes | Sunnies : Unif

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fat, Black and Carefree

Every year I romanticize Summer, and every year I am reminded that it's the absolute worst. I nearly passed out while taking these pictures. The heat and humidity were abominable, but I was determined to make a post about this look! 

This rad dress is from Killstar. I have been obsessed with that website lately. Their accessories were always calling me but I had been very skeptical about their clothing, as they don't particularly cater to plus a size demographic, like a lot of these brands that make unconventional, alternative clothing. And for that price point, uhh I wasn't really willing to risk it. Even if they go up to a size XXL, I was worried that the clothing might run small. This dress was screaming to be in my closet, so I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did! It fits true to size and it's a bummer that they don't have more options for plus size bodies. On the internet, people are very supportive of me, however in real life, I deal with hate, body shaming, and a whole lot of ignorance, and this dress says what I wish I could voice out myself to everyone wasting their time trying to dictate what I should and shouldn't do with MY body, and overall appearance. I mean, plus size black individuals can be alt too, you know -_-

To accessorize, I added this rainbow Ragged Priest clutch from asos, to which I added a strap because I don't like carrying things around. It's my absolute favorite! I also added these awesome Question Mark and Exclamation Point earrings from MarinaFini's etsy store. She makes the most exquisite plexiglass jewelry. I had to remove this super cute bat choker. It was too hot and it caused me great discomfort after a while. I will feature it in future outfits 'cause I do wear it often. I finished the look with my Iridescent Hello Kitty creepers from TUKshoes, and the Wipe Out Liquid Lipstick from MakeupMonstersCosmetics.

Now, Have some lovely shots of me playing in my hair and being a happy fat babe before I turned into a hot sweaty mess!

Dress :Killstar | Clutch/Purse: Asos | Bat Choker: TotalPansy on etsy | Creepers: TUKshoes | Earrings: MarinaFini | Lipstick: MakeupMonstersCosmetics

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