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Friday, June 19, 2015

Douceur gourmande

*Squeals* I have a blog ! I am very excited to be starting this blog, perhaps a little too excited, but hey, I love clothes and taking pictures in them, so why not ? 
I am a bikini junkie. Ever since brands started realizing that plus size people enjoy looking awesome in bikinis too, I've made it my mission to collect the most interesting ones I could find. So, passing up on this ice-cream print bottom from Rue 107 was out of the question. This print is so adorable and fun and just looking at it makes my sweet-tooth ache. It does have a matching top but it did not look like it would accomodate my large chest, and I don't particularly like the pairing. Instead, I went with a top in a style that I had been very apprehensive of purchasing for years now : cropped and without underwires. The Janice top exceeded my expectations. The material gives me better support than some of my underwire bikini tops and I can easily adjust my breasts for lift. I got both in my regular size US 14-16, but the material is very stretchy and could accomodate up to a size US 20 in my opinion.
 After purchasing this two-piece, I became obsessed with doing a conceptual photoshoot around it, so I also got this drippy choker with sprinkles from Von Erickson, one of my favorite etsy stores. They make the best creepy vinyl jewelry. I was grateful to receive the matching bracelet as it further enhances the melted ice-cream thing I had going on. And to complete the look, I got this hyper-realistic cherry and whipped cream ring from etsy and threw some highlighter all over myself to give me that failed glistening look. 
Yeah... I think I'm starting things right hehe

Enjoy ! And feel free to let me know what you think below *wink, wink*

    Top : Rue 107 | Bottom : Rue 107 | Necklace and bracelet : VonErickson | Cherry ring no longer available


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!! I love everything about this look. Your makeup is on point!!! Your hair is amazing!!! Your Bikini is super adorbs!!! I effin love it guuurl!!! :D <33333


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