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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Et le ciel vira au rouge

First of all, I am obsessed with my face. Let's focus on the iridescent wonder happening on my eyes and lips for a minute. I mean, ughhhh I can't get over it! I took one look at this unique lip product and basically decided to wing the whole thing. I typically don't go for frosty lips but I'm quite digging this look. It might potentially make me catch some holiday spirit. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves there...

I am in no way festive, nor do I like traditional holiday wear. So, this is as glitzy as it gets. I am an incredibly boring introvert whose idea of fun around the holidays is marathoning horror movies -as usual- with a few glasses of wine, topped with loads of online shopping. Although this year won't be any different, I, as a dedicated fashion blogger, felt obligated to take the opportunity to dress up for no reason. Getting ready is always a fun process since I live for putting outfits together. So, my first seasonally appropriate look on this blog will not involve sequins, lace, glitter or fancy heels but is still very holiday-ish in my book. 

I love skater skirts. They are my favorite item to wear on the regular. I especially enjoy pairing them with monster shirts, but we are going to a pretend holiday party after all, and this skirt definitely deserves to be worn with a flashy top! I am absolutely in love with this Chubbycartwheels skirt that came out for their fall/winter season. It is made from the softest suede material ever and feels velvety smooth. I've never seen anything like this material. It is very stretchy and luxurious, whereas traditional faux suede is very stiff, and quite unpleasant. This skirt is certainly gonna get lots of wear time! For now, I chose to pair it with a silver velvet crop top that I got from Urban Outfitters a while ago. It is not my favorite, cause it accentuates my asymmetrical boobs but who's looking?

I may have overdone the accessories but I love the layered look. I went as far as my short neck would allow with the ckokers, which is an umimpressive 3 -links to chokers below-, so I also threw in my favorite Helter Skelter Metalheads  necklace as a bonus. My shoe choice is of course a pair of platform creepers by TUKshoes. I love bulky shoes, what can I say. The western detailing on these is definitely what reeled me in. Last but not least, I always need a touch of weird and my baby head and tooth rings weren't creepy enough, so I grabbed my funky Cyclops Kitty handbag in order to feel complete.

Ahh, this was an annoyingly lengthy post, wasn't it?

Anyway, if you do partake in holiday festivities and what not, please stay safe!

Top: Similar | Skirt: Chubbycartwheels | Tattoo Choker: Shop Tunnel Vision | Ball Chain necklace: Shop Tunnel Vision | O-ring choker: Ebay | Trust me necklace: Helter Skelter Metalheads | Creepers: TUKshoes | Bag: Monsterlou on Etsy | Rings: Mostly Etsy

Friday, December 11, 2015


Ugh, it's been forever since my last post, I know... I'm not going to pretend that I had a legitimate reason for this hiatus; it was simply necessary for my mental well-being. And just as I was starting to conjure up the motivation to start blogging again, the rain came out of nowhere to slap me in the face. But, as it turns out, grey skies combined with perpetual sadness make for a very kick-ass outfit, if I do say so myself. 

Some cool things did happen while I was gone though. I had my very own spread in the September/October issue of Skorch Magazine, -I'm still gagging over how good I look in it!- I was featured in a couple of other magazines, and I modeled for a rad hair company, run by super chill humans. In retrospect, I guess things haven't been all bad. Now, on to my grungy, industrial outfit!

When I saw the After-Effect dress by Killstar, how befitting is that name though-I was instantly transported to a neo-futuristic dystopia; so, I was guaranteed to feel and look badass.  I love the cut of this dress, but most importantly, I love how it feels. The fabric is soft and cozy and the sleeves have thumb holes. Built-in thumb holes! Not only are those holes aesthetically relevant, but they help the sleeves cover the palms of my hands and not ride up, making them nice and warm. Keeping with my theme, I threw on the Nin3 Divisible by None choker, a heavy piece of industrial, scrappy perfection. This outfit called for some chunky boots with straps and hardware, so I pulled on my Y.R.U. Cherish boots. Finally, the Killstar Sad handbag was essential to this outfit, cause it embodies my constant state of mind. Also, we're in a post-apocalyptic world; hopelessness is rampant, duh.

Dress : Killstar | Choker : Nin3 via ShopTunnel Vision | Bag : Killstar | Shoes : Y.R.U

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kitschy Pop!

This sickeningly sweet look isn't the most adequate way to welcome the witchy season, but I just had to bring this modern kitsch concept to life. I wanted to look like a walking cute and whimsical dessert and I can safely say: goal achieved! 
Nothing beats the satisfaction I get from successfully materializing my dream outfits. This time, I was inspired by this ultra delectable ImYourPresent popsicle necklace to create another frozen dessert themed situation. I wanted a super fun and light retro look with just a hint of tacky. I found this Hungry Castle donuts tee through Dollskill during their labor day sale, and I'm so glad it was so affordable, otherwise I probably wouldn't have considered purchasing a "one size fits all" top. I usually don't fall for that crap but this shirt looked fairly oversized on the model, so I knew it would fit. It's covered in jelly-bean rainbow sprinkles and I just love it! The fabric is soft and the shirt was actually a little loose on me, so it could probably accomodate up to size 4X individuals. I had to seriously adjust it in my capris so it would look a little more fitted, because that's the look I was going for. 
Whenever I put these Pinup Girl Clothing capris on I feel so retro glam. I also have them in hot pink and I'm trying hard not to get them in every color available. Now, how cute is this popsicle clutch I found on asos?! I only wear novelty bags and this little guy will feel right at home in my collection. The only downside is that it was designed with right-handed people in mind, and I'm a lefty who feels uncomfortable holding anything in my right hand. I held it quite awkwardly while taking these pics because I just didn't know what to do with the strap.
My double chin hides it in most pictures but I also have a rainbow choker on because you can never overaccessorize! I also felt that the shirt wasn't busy enough so I threw in popsicle, ice cream and gumball machine pins for some more pizzazz *twinkles fingers*. To finish off the look, I added my baby pink gitsie fluffs from Nikkilipstick, my cherry and whipped cream ring and the only sneakers I wear, my Irregular Choice pompom sneakers. They have dinosaurs all over them! I know that doesn't really go with my theme but the melted ice cream detailing kinda does!

That's supposed to be sprinkled sugar on my face by the way, a very cute fail (︶ω︶)   

Top : Hungry Castle via Dollskill | Bottom : Pinup Girl Clothing | Clutch : Asos | Popsicle Necklace : ImYourPresent | Rainbow choker and Ring : Etsy | Earrings : Nikkilipstick | Sneakers : Irregular Choice via Dollskill | Lip color : Blow Pony by Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Popsicle and Ice Cream Pins : FemmedeBloom

Monday, September 14, 2015

So Much Hypocrisy From These Plus Size Brands

Today, I want to address the hypocrisy in the plus size fashion industry and overall plus size community. I needed to release all of my pent-up rage towards this new supposedly empowering, body diversity * scoff * campaign, before I resume my usual fashion posts. 

I am so fed up with brands, particularly those with an exclusively plus size clientèle making bullshit body positive campaigns and being praised for it! Recently, a very well-known brand decided it was time to "equally celebrate the 67% of women sizes 14-34 who are underrepresented in media" by creating a campaign in which, wait for it... none of the models are above a size 16! Ahhhhh what an incredible achievement! I seriously can't handle all this equal representation! Just give me a minute to soak in all the EQUALITY AND INCLUSION. 

Ok, now all sarcasm aside, where the hell is this mythical representation? How hypocritical of you to be making a campaign and not even attempt to include different plus size bodies? And have the nerve to say that you believe your ad is inclusive of everyone when none of your models have a visible double chin? If you as a plus size brand won't feature models who are short, who don't have a flat belly, slim arms, a coke bottle figure, then who the hell are you celebrating, anyway?

This campaign is an insult to anyone who doesn't look like those models. To me, it says "well, fuck you, you clearly don't matter!" To top it off, their t-shirt range for the campaign doesn't even go UP to a size 34, it stops at 26/28...Wait a minute, fatshaming plus size brand, wait a damn minute. You didn't even judge it necessary to include the larger sizes you claim to be representing, yet you want to change the plus size industry. Sure. Right. And you say you want to make history? Make money is more like it! This awful campaign is reinforcing the idea of the "acceptable fatty" which is so damaging. It is being celebrated by so many outlets, when in actuality, we deserve more. We can't settle for this bullshit. I really can't believe this campaign is getting all this positive attention when it is in fact a huge let down. There is so much prejudice and erasure going on in this plus size community. I really need these companies to follow through and actually showcase the bodies that generate their revenue.

Seriously, how can you be saying that plus size individuals have as much to offer as those of a smaller stature, and not believe that enough to feature anyone with lumps and rolls in your ad?  #PlusIsExclusionary #DoBetter

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Welcome to Blog Pics with Stacey! Step 1: do some awkward poses. Step 2: wear the exact same vaguely threatening expression in all of the pictures. Step 3: be unhappy with the outcome and hope the pictures will grow on you -_-

Ok, I'm still not in love with these pictures but they are decent. I was having an off-day but I was hell-bent on posting before the end of August-which obviously didn't happen, ugh. This outfit looked completely different in my vision, but I'm still obsessed with the pairing. Maybe it's the hair that's not working for me. I still can't quite put my finger on it. 

I've been listening to the Sneaker Pimps religiously lately and this post was heavily inspired by their Becoming X album. In my attempt to materialize the heavy electronic futuristic vibe, I wore this Zippered Vinyl top by Shop Tunnel Vision, 'cause PVC clothing was huge in the mid 90s'. I have to admit that it made me feel real bad-ass!  It does accentuate my breasts which are already a big insecurity of mine but I don't even mind it. That's how much I love this top. It just oozes cyberpunk realness. I prefer wearing it zipped all the way up but it was just too hot! 

I love Shop Tunnel Vision! They have cool vintage pieces but their house brand sells quality items that can be custom-sized. I was intimidated by the sizing at first but you can actually send them your measurements and they will work with you. How cool is that? The top is in my regular XXL and I chose to pair it with this trippy check print skirt made by my aunt. I had gotten the fabric a while ago off of etsy but had no clear idea what to do with it. In the end, I asked my aunt to make me a two-piece set. She's a wiz at sewing;  I, on the other hand, don't even understand the concept. 

I hated all the full-length pictures, therefore none of them will be featured. I am however posting a picture of the shoes I wore because otherwise, the post would not be complete. I got them two years ago, so they might be kinda hard to find. They are the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's.  The alien bag is also from Jeffrey Campbell (probably even harder to find, but here's a similar one). My pentagram earrings are from Killstar and my lipstick, * dramatic pause* this beautifully pigmented, tubed liquid metal is Technopagan by OCCJust look at it! It's my favorite purplish blue lip product. Isn't it gorgeous?! Well, see ya in the next one!

♪ I want perfection, I'm real need 

Top: Shop Tunnel Vision | Earrings: Killstar | Skirt: Handmade by my aunt ^_^ | Bag: Jeffrey Campbell (Similar) | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Lip color: Technopagan by OCC

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Let it Happen

It is hard  for me to address this subject on this blog, but I don't intend to act as if this part of me does not exist. After all, depression has been a companion of mine for a number of years now. It is such that can I no longer imagine an existence void of mental illness. Daily activities become a struggle, and sometimes completely impossible to accomplish. I do want to make a separate post in which I will go more in depth about it, however, after having a rather bad episode this week, I felt it necessary to start now. My depression has kept me from enjoying and achieving so many things in my life but it has also taught me about myself, taught me how to find my strength. 

I do not want to hide behind a forced smile. The fact is I struggle. I struggle to believe that I have value, that I don't deserve my current state of sorrow, that I am worth much more. My depression has made me quite fearful of change; be it positive or negative.  

And change is coming. I'm fighting hard to put my fears aside and take in the good vibes coming my way, because I do deserve to be happy and do what I enjoy in life. Learning to find positivity and purpose within me is so hard. I did not think I had it in me, but as it turns out, I DO. When I am able to shut down the internal debate, I focus my energy towards my dreams and maybe someday, they will stop being dreams (and soon too hopefully shhh...) *v*

Outfit details below!

Dress : Shop Tunnel Vision | Choker : Shop SpaceTrash | Dsico Leggings : Asos |
Bra : Lane Bryant | Shoes : TUKshoes

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Canicule infernale

How's my Summer going you ask? Well, seing as it's either hot and humid or hot, humid and rainy, I'm just waiting for it to be over. I am over Summer and being sticky and sweaty all the time. My hair shrinks, I can't realistically hope that my makeup won't be mucky 5 minutes after doing it, and my skin problems are flaring up. It's awful! The only good thing about this heat is that it makes me gravitate more towards the unworn crop tops in my closet. I was even able to pull off this crop top and shorts combo! Still can't wrap my mind around it.

I am not really a crop top person. My go to looks, no matter the season, are a crew neck shirt with rolled up sleeves (most likely a horror tee) with leggings or a skater skirt, and skater dresses. I grew up with very low self-esteem, and in a conservative catholic Haitian home, in which the idea of a skirt being an inch above the knee provoked outrage. *eyerolling myself into another dimension* But as a fat kid/teen, crop tops never even appealed to me; the more covered-up, the better I thought. People poked at my fat and constantly reminded me that my body was not the norm; that in order to look "good" in anything, I had to lose weight.

Well, look at me slaying in this asos off-shoulder crop thingy at my heaviest! The elastic was nestled right in the crease between my back rolls and I was loving every second of it. The top had some straps but they looked awkward so I chopped them off. I am so glad I decided to change things up with this top! The bell sleeves and the print are what really attracted me to this top. I couldn't find my strapless bra and all these arm situations below are the result of trying to conceal some sagging lol. 
I was getting some 70s vibes from this, so I chose to wear my TUK strappy woodies. I don't really wear sandals, I much prefer any close-toed platform shoes, or my docs, but I fell in love with these on one of my distressed-shopping nights. They look heavy but are an absolute delight to walk with. The shorts are from an etsy store called TeesDenim but their sizing is not too reliable and Asos has lovely high waisted shorts here.

Seriously, this look is significant in so many ways, because I confronted different insecurities that plagued my younger years in just one outfit. I can say that I've reached yet another milestone in this journey.

And guyssss leave me a comment if you like anything! (-o⌒)

Top : Asos | Shorts : Etsy | Choker : Ebay | Sandals : TUKshoes | Sunnies : Unif

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